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I'm Konrad Paprocki, a seasoned photographer based in the enchanting town of Kenmare, nestled in the stunning counties of Kerry, Ireland.

With over 15 years of expertise in the photography industry, I've earned a trusted reputation for immortalizing unforgettable wedding moments. Originally from Poland, I made the move to Ireland in 2003 at the age of 26. For over 16 years, I called Killarney my home. Presently, I'm proud to be residing in Kenmare, within the captivating county of Kerry.

My journey into photography commenced long before my professional career. At the tender age of 6, I discovered a profound passion for freezing cherished moments through the lens of a camera. Little did I know then that this hobby would eventually evolve into my life's work.

Having immersed myself in Ireland for the past two decades, I've forged a profound connection with this extraordinary country. Since 2008, I've focused on photography for weddings, family portraits, and events. My contemporary style encapsulates the very essence of this genre.

My photography services span far beyond Kenmare and Killarney, extending throughout Kerry, Cork, Limerick, and all of Ireland. When I'm not fervently pursuing my photographic endeavors, I indulge in my love for sports, engrossing war films, and the beats of hip hop music. I believe these interests kindle my creativity and refine my photography skills, allowing me to offer a distinctive and dynamic perspective in my work.

My odyssey from my homeland in Poland to Ireland, coupled with my enduring 18-year presence in the photography industry, has molded me into an extraordinary photographer. The fusion of my dedication and affection for both countries has enabled me to craft a distinctive fusion of style and technique that captures the very essence of Ireland's natural allure and vibrant culture.

So, whether you're in search of breathtaking portraits, coverage of exhilarating sports events, or the enchantment of your wedding day immortalized through photography, I am the photographer to rely on. With my ardor, experience, and distinctive viewpoint, I'll transform your special moments into ageless memories, cherished for generations to come.

Capturing your memories for you...

Konrad Paprocki photography can capture life's treasured moments and can give you something you can look back on forever.

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